Ballarat Local Food Forum

Ballarat Local Food Forum, Monday 13th February 2013

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Unconference schedule

ballarat local food forum unconference schedule

Our unconference schedule - 12 sessions throughout the day.

About the event

Do you grow, process, distribute, cook, share, or eat food in the Ballarat region?  Do you want to support the local economy while ensuring that everyone in Ballarat has access to fresh, healthy food?

Join us for a one-day unconference, bringing together the Ballarat community to create new opportunities for a fair, sustainable and healthy local food system.

Our theme: Eat Local, Live Well.

The Ballarat Local Food Forum aims to:

  • Explore and understand Ballarat’s current food system. Who provides local food or supports food providers, and how are they interconnected?
  • Discover ways we can support local food projects and collaborate on new ones.
  • Inspire participants with a sense of agency, helping them become catalysts for change.
  • Improve physical and mental health, community connectedness, environmental sustainability and economic security for Ballarat residents and businesses by improving our local food system.