Ballarat’s First Local Lunch

Ballarat Local Food Forum - Eat Local, Live Well

Local Lunch

The Ballarat Local Food Forum is pleased to bring you Ballarat’s first Local Lunch.

The fully-catered lunch at our one-day event will feature local backyard fruit and veg, and foods provided by Ballarat regional producers.

Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options will be provided. Please inform us of other dietary needs when you register.

Local Lunch Supporters

The Local Lunch was catered by Sara Kittelty of Kittelty’s cafe, with food from local producers and food businesses including:

Backyard Beekeeping Ballarat
Ballarat Mushroom Farm
Ballarat Wholefoods Collective
Basilio Sourdough
Burrum Biodynamics
Goldfields Farmhouse Cheese
Goldfields Gourmet Mushrooms
Green Eggs
Grounded Pleasures
Harmony Garlic
Heritage fruit trees

Jonai Farms
Manna Hill Estate
Spring Creek Organics
The Fermentary
Yendon Gourmet Tomatoes

And local backyard growers including Alex, Carli, Darren, Karen, Kathryn, Kris, Leigh, Olivia, Wendy, and the BCHC community garden.