Volunteer at the Ballarat Local Food Forum

Ballarat Local Food Forum - Eat Local, Live Well


We need volunteers to help make the Ballarat Local Food Forum a fantastic community event.

As a volunteer, you’ll have a great opportunity to meet people in the local food scene. By helping make the event run smoothly, you’ll ensure that attendees can focus on connecting, learning, and planning how to improve Ballarat’s local food system.  But you won’t miss out yourself!  Most of our volunteer opportunities are before the event itself. On the day, many hands will make light work and you’ll be able to participate fully in the scheduled sessions.

Here are the things we need help with:

  • Provide homegrown produce – provide fruit and veg from your garden for our Local Lunch. If you have a veggie garden and can spare some of your summer bounty, this one’s for you!
  • Local Lunch dropoff coordinators – receive and organise donations as they come in. A few hours of your time in Ballarat Central, on the Saturday/Sunday before the event.
  • Photography – help make sure we have a great record of the day. You don’t need to be a pro or have a fancy camera – a smartphone is fine!
  • Admin assistance – help take notes, transcribe, populate spreadsheets, and other such things, using Google Docs. There will be work before, during, and after the event.
  • Registration desk – welcome attendees, check them off, and get them sorted out with nametags. You’ll need to arrive early on the day.
  • General assistance on the day – setup, arranging furniture, keeping time for sessions, and any other miscellany that arises. No special skills needed!

All volunteer positions have now been filled.